May 11, 2022

The Biodiagnostica Montevergine Malzoni Network in Mercogliano will introduce Proclarix® into its laboratory routine

Zurich-Schlieren, Switzerland and Avellino, Italy, May 11, 2022 - Diagnostica Medica of Mercogliano (Avellino), Italy, and Proteomedix, the Swiss cancer diagnostics company, announced today that Proclarix, a new blood test for the management of prostate cancer patients, has been introduced in the routine of the laboratory that is part of the Neuromed Group.

Proclarix is an innovative decision support tool to improve the diagnostic management of individuals with suspect for prostate cancer. "We are pleased to be the first commerical laboratory in Italy to have included Proclarix in our routine", said Dr.ssa Paola Bruni, Head of the Diagnostica Medica Laboratory. "The test, consisting of an algorithm that brings together prostate cancer-specific biomarkers along with other clinical parameters, will be of great help in the management of patients with suspected prostate cancer," she also added. 

"The diagnostic path of prostate cancer has now totally changed. It is necessary to be able to distinguish tumors with low aggressiveness from those with high, the later deserving in-depth analysis such as a biopsy. Proclarix is a great help in this regard", Dr. Stefano Pecoraro, Director of the Functional Urology Area of the Neuromed Group commented.

Prostate cancer is the second most frequent cancer diagnosis made in men and the fifth leading cause of death worldwide. In Italy, more than 40,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed every year and there are about 7,000 deaths related to prostate cancer.

"We are pleased with the commercial partnership with Diagnostica Medica that will allow an increasing number of patients to have access to an exam that can reduce invasive procedures and possible complications related to these" said Dr. Maurizio Ballerini, Vice President Market Development EMEA at Proteomedix.


About Proclarix®
Proclarix® is CE-IVD marked and indicated for prostate cancer diagnosis in patients with normal digital rectal exam (DRE), enlarged prostate volume and elevated levels of PSA at 2-10 ng/ml. Proclarix is a risk score combining in-vitro assays for the quantitative detection of biomarkers with a proprietary algorithm to assess a patient`s risk of having clinically significant prostate cancer. Detection of prostate cancer-related biomarkers in blood serum using the Proclarix risk score has been demonstrated in multiple clinical studies to be a reliable indicator of the presence of clinically significant prostate cancer.

About Diagnostica Medica
The Montevergine Malzoni Biodiagnostica Network has been operating for more than 30 years in laboratory diagnostics, microbiology, cytohistopathology, virology and genetics. It carries out its activities in an agreement with the NHS and / or privately towards patients who require services and analyzes on biological samples taken and / or received in the laboratory. This is why the quality standard of healthcare services is constantly raised, optimizing organizational relationships, providing transparency to business processes, participating in meticulous external and internal quality controls.

For further details, please contact: 
Dr.ssa Paola Bruni, Diagnostica Medica Lab Director , +39 0825 686508

About Proteomedix
Proteomedix is a healthcare company whose mission is to transform prostate cancer diagnosis. The company has identified novel biomarker signatures with utility in prostate cancer diagnosis, prognosis and therapy management. The lead product Proclarix® is a blood based prostate cancer test panel and risk score currently available in Europe. Proteomedix is located in the Bio-Technopark of Zurich-Schlieren, Switzerland. For more information, visit

For further details, please contact:
Dr Maurizio Ballerini (MD), VP Market Development EMEA , +39 3487822703

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